Spine Deformity

Dr. Elkanich has experience treating a wide range of spine deformities, which are simply abnormalities in how the spine is shaped, aligned, or formed. You may hear a spine deformity referred to as a curved spine, a misshaped spine, curvature of the spine, or by a different name, but these all mean the same thing. The main types of spine curvature disorders are lordosis, kyphosis, and scoliosis. The first of these involves a spine that curves inward slightly by the lower back while the second involves an upper back with over 50 degrees of curvature. Scoliosis involves a sideways curve on the spine, frequently in the form of a C or S.

Diagnosing And Treating Spine Deformities

Before treating a suspected spine deformity, Dr. Elkanich must first confirm it. You can get a general idea of whether there is unwanted curvature with a scaliometer which measures the degree of spinal curvature. Based on the results of those tests, you will need an x-ray to confirm the diagnosis, and possibly an MRI as well.

The ideal treatment will depend on spine deformity, its cause, and its severity. If there is an underlying condition or injury, this will be treated first. Dr. Elkanich may fit you for a brace to support your brace and wear under your clothes. In cases with a curvature over 50 degrees, severe pain, or neurological problems, he will likely suggest surgical treatment to correct the issue.

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