Degenerative Spinal Conditions

Degenerative spinal conditions are the type that involves your normal spinal structure and functionality worsening over the course of time. In most cases, they are due to aging, but they can also be due to tumors, arthritis, and infections. Dr. Elkanich has experience dealing with a wide range of degenerative spinal conditions, making him well-equipped to deal with your particular case.

Common Symptoms

Every patient will experience slightly different symptoms of their degenerative spinal condition and the symptoms also depend on the particular disease to some extent. Common symptoms include sharp or chronic pain or pain that occurs at rest or with movement, limited motion, a spinal deformity, and nerve injuries including bowel and bladder function issues, sexual dysfunction, weakness, and sensory loss.

Diagnosis And Treatment

Dr. Elkanich relies on his extensive experience and training to diagnose your particular degenerative spinal condition. In most cases, he will give you an X-ray to look at your backbones; an MRI to see the spinal canal space, discs, and nerves; and a CT to clarify any details. Whenever possible, he will rely on non-surgical treatment methods such as medication, races, and exercises. In some cases, surgery will be necessary to restore your spine to a healthy state and bring you back to normal functioning.

The Highest Quality Care

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